New tech mixed with old wisdom. Kinda like a cyborg grandpa.

The world is a much better place when it’s habitable.

Our pirate hearts beat for clean oceans and supercool future-proof boats. That’s why we created Elvene. We envision an ecologically sustainable boating industry, where focus lies on providing people with smart and effective solutions while minimizing energy consumption.

Solar powered electrical boats for everyone.

Elvene’s solar powered boats are fun. They’re smart, sustainable, easy to use and provide modern sea lovers with peaceful and quiet freedom. When you own an Elvene, you’re free to use it in any weather. It has unlimited range, makes no noise and doesn’t smell. No maintenance or charging is required either. Sounds pretty awesome, right? Yup, we agree.

Our boats

Elvene’s boats are as sustainable as they are hot. Yes, they’re cool, but they’re also hot. Especially when they’re pumped full of nice, clean sunshine. These drivetrains will take you at least 20 NM, even if you’d be riding inside a cave – which in all honesty sounds just like the kind of cool thing a real Elvene pirate would do.


Fulfil your naval dreams with Amber, our super-light flagship model that combines the practicality and offshore capabilities of a Center Console with the comfort and overnight possibilities of a Day Cruiser. With her two independent motors, built-in easy-to-use infotainment system, seating for 7 and cuddy cabin, Amber provides you with everything you need to enjoy real freedom on the seas.


You don’t have to be big to make a difference. Greta is Elvenes’ entry level turn key solution, making electrical boating available for everyone! She’s maintenance-free, unsinkable and extremely easy to use. With her centerized battery and antiskid solar panels, Greta is just as perfect as a well-balanced fishing machine as she is for the family day trip. Available with or without a steering console.

The smarter choice

Solar powered electrical boats are gaining popularity as more people want to keep the waters clean and reduce their carbon footprint. These boats offer many benefits over traditional gas-powered boats, from cost savings to environmental protection. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider buying a solar electric boat.

Solar electric boats are eco-friendly

As opposed to gas-powered boats, solar electric boats produce zero emissions, which means that they do not pollute the air or waterways. This is especially important when boating on waterways where wildlife and plant life are vulnerable to pollution. Solar electric boats are a great way to enjoy boating while reducing your carbon footprint and protecting the environment.

You save money

Another great reason to buy a solar electric boat is that they can save you money in the long run. Solar electric boats require very little maintenance. The cost of electricity is zero, since the boat produces it by itself with the integrated solar panels. Over time, the savings on fuel and maintenance costs will easily offset the higher initial investment.

They're quiet

Solar electric boats are much quieter than traditional gas-powered boats. This is because electric motors produce less noise than gas engines, which means that you can enjoy a peaceful, quiet ride on the water. This is not only enjoyable for you and your passengers, but it is also less disruptive to wildlife and other boaters.

You get improved performance

Solar electric boats offer instant torque, which means that they can accelerate more quickly and reach higher speeds faster. Additionally, electric motors offer smoother and more consistent power delivery, which makes for a more comfortable and enjoyable ride. Furthermore, electric motors require no warm-up time, which means you can set off on your boating adventure right away.

You get innovative technology

Solar panels have come a long way in recent years, and modern solar electric boats are powered by high-quality, durable solar panels that can withstand harsh marine conditions and can be walked on. Investing in a solar electric boat is a way to stay on the cutting edge of boating technology while also doing your part to protect the environment.

About Elvene

With a shared love for open waters and centuries of boat building heritage in our blood, we – two entrepreneurial pirates from Finland – founded Elvene in order to bring a fresh, environmentally friendly dimension to boating.

For us, spending time on the sea and lakes has always been second nature. To this day the annual fishing weekend is sacred and will most certainly never be canceled.

Jakobstad, the hometown of Elvene, is internationally known for its boat building traditions both old and new. Centuries ago wooden ships built in the small coastal town circumnavigated the globe and still today the most prestigious sailing yachts in any marina around the world has most likely been built in Jakobstad. 

We welcome you to join us on our exciting journey, as we cherish that beautiful heritage while simultaneously embracing and adapting new sustainable tech. The future is bright, sunny and filled with adventures.

Contact us

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you consider ordering an Elvene or just want to ask us something.

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