Fulfil your naval dreams with Amber, our super-light flagship model. With her two independent motors, builtin easy-to-use infotainment system, sleeping cabin and seating for 7, Amber provides you with everything you need to enjoy real freedom on the seas.

Length 6,2 m & Width 2,1 m

Weight 750 kg – That’s right, including everything. Ostrobothnian boat building heritage makes such incredible feats possible.

Top speed 15 knots High cruising speed 11–15 knots. Low cruising speed 1-6 knots, also means infinite range.

Seating for 7 ppl

  • Sleeping cabin in bow (2 persons)
  • Infotainment system for easy operation
  • Infinite range at low cruising speed, Minimum 20 NM at high cruising speed
  • Fireproof LifePo4 battery
  • Security via the Amber-app
  • Constant connection via 4G

Listen to the water splashing against the hull in our beloved, silent Greta. Elvene’s original boat is maintenance-free, self-sufficient, unsinkable and extremely easy to use. With her centerized battery and antiskid solar panels, Greta is just as perfect as a well-balanced fishing machine as she is for the family day trip.

Length 4,7 m & Width 1,4 m

Weight 150 kg

Class CE-D Approved for 3 ppl

Top speed 5 knots

Minimum reach 20 NM/day

With speed of 2-3 knots, infinite range

The Crew Members

The One Eye Captain

A pirate quartermaster


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