A new generation of electrical boats

A maintenance-free and environmentally friendly electrical boat made for everyone

Solar electrical boat - Greta

You don´t have to be big to make a difference

Greta is Elvene’s turnkey boat solution designed to make electric boating possible for everyone. Maintenance-free Greta, which is entirely solar-powered, makes boating effortless.


The 470 cm long Greta is an excellent choice for pleasure boating, cottage trips or fishing trips. Greta represents a new generation of boat technology that is both environmentally and user-friendly

Towards a more sustainable future

As society moves towards a more sustainable future, the boating industry is moving in the same direction. Every year, you can see more electric boats on the waters and more manufacturers turning toward an electric future.


The great advantages of an electric boat are its silence and zero emissions. In the past, however, their disadvantage has often been the high price and limited range of the boat. When embarking on a longer voyage, the electric boatman has had to plan the stops well to ensure that the necessary charging infrastructure is available.


Elvene wanted to solve these problems and build boats that are affardable, easy to use, and completely independent of the charging infrastructure.


Elvene boats are all self-sufficient without a separate charge, and under optimal conditions, their range is unlimited, with no operating costs. Never before has it been so easy to turn to electric boating!

Follow Elvene on our journey to revolutionize the boating industry while we all help protect our environment.

Eco-friendly boat

About Us

Elvene was born from the idea of ​​two entrepreneurs combining their different skills to start a company that offers easy-to-use, affordable and environmentally sustainable solutions for new water experiences.

We wanted to create a sustainable electric boat that is accessible to everyone. So we created Greta! It travels easily  20 nautical miles at four knots, without external charging. All our boats are handcrafted in the small coastal town of Jakobstad.

Our Mission

We at Elvene believe that everyone should be able to ride the waters in an electric boat.

Instead of sitting and looking from the side, we’ve decided to try to make this possible.

In order for electric boating to be accessible to all, the supply of electric boats must be better. That’s why we’ve decided to make durable, affordable, clean boats that are easy for everyone to use.

By reducing the number of fossil fuel boats, we want to play our part in protecting Mother Earth. Our electric boats have no emissions at all and are charged entirely with solar energy.

Our electric boats are great for a variety of uses. We want to change the way we use boats today and make them more environmentally friendly and fun!

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