Solar panels

About our panels

When thinking of solar panels you usually imagine a fragile glass surfaced product that needs to be handled very carefully. Alternatively you might think of a thin flexible film, that also is very scratch sensitive and cannot withstand any mechanical stress, without losing efficiency and shortening the lifespan of the solar panel.


Finers’ solar panels are neither of these two options, it’s a semi rigid solar panel only 5mm thick, coated with an protective anti slippery surface, which protects the solar cells from damage. This means you can walk on them, sit on them, jump on them, without damaging the solar panels at all. They can also withstand the rough environment of the seas, and are not damaged by salt water spray.


On top of these superior mechanical properties, they are also really good at turning solar energy into electricity. They have an efficiency over 22% and an estimated lifetime of 15 years. In easier use they can work up to 25 years. 


These solar panels are not only great for powering Greta and Finers’ other electrical boats, they are also superb to use as power sources on larger boats, as they can be mounted pretty much anywhere, even on the floor if you want to. These panels bring the versatility and applications of solar panels to a whole new level and can make pretty much any vessel independent from external power.

Different solar panels:




Tarkemmat tiedot

  • Pituus 4,70 m
  • Leveys 1,40 m (9,3’)
  • Paino 150kg (vene 75kg)
  • Henkilöluku 4
  • Nopeus 5 solmua
  • Mootori

    Harjaton, 12 V - 85lbs, Portaaton nopeussäädin

  • Akku

    200ah (2400Vh), 12V, Geeli, paino: noin 60kg

  • Aurinkopaneeli

    2 x 110 W Aurinkopaneeleilla pystyy kävelemään

  • Lataussäädin

    12V - 20Ah Näyttää lataustehon ja akun lataustilan

  • Vaihtoehtoja

    Aurinkopaneeli: 2 x 135W | Moottori: 24V/135lbs

  • Hinta alk. 4990€


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