Electrical motors


The motor is the most visible and tangible part of the electrical drivetrain in an electrical boat. Compared to an combustion engine, the motor is very compact and light and might even look too small for a boat. Finers’ motors are brushless motors that produce a lot of power in a compact package. They have a stepless speed control, which improves motor efficiency and also allows you to drive exactly the speed you want.


Other benefits of the brushless electric motor is the high efficiency, very low noise, ease of use and close to zero maintenance needed. All in all it is a very versatile, easy to use motor that can be used both as a main motor for smaller boats or support motor for bigger vessels.


Finer has chosen to run their motors on a very low voltage. The standard 1kW (85lbs) motor powering Greta is running on only 12V. As this is also a standard voltage for marine electrical equipment, it makes it very easy to connect this motor as a support motor to bigger vessels or if using it as the main motor it’s really easy to connect extra equipment, such as echo sounders, radios and GPS to the same electrical system. If you have a need for a bigger motor, Finer also supplies motors that are running on 24V voltage and produce 2kW of power (135lbs).  


The low weight of an electrical motor also improves the weight distribution on the boat, as you have less weight in the stern, and the battery in the middle of the boat, to stabilize the vessel. This is also the reason why Finer has chosen to NOT use integrated batteries in their motors. With an integrated battery in the motor you are not only limiting the capacity of the battery, as it can only be so big and heavy, to be able to fit as an integrated part of the motor. You are also giving the boat a very poor weight distribution, as all weight is concentrated in the stern of the boat. This poor weight distribution is especially evident when driving the boat solo and the stern will dig into the water and reduce comfort and performance.


On Finers’ boat Greta you can see how this light weight motor with a separate battery has been used to create a very even weight distribution in the boat. Greta lays very evenly in the water, no matter if you are driving her solo or if she is fully loaded to her maximum weight capacity. This not only increases comfort, it also improves the performance of the boat.

Tarkemmat tiedot

  • Pituus 4,70 m
  • Leveys 1,40 m (9,3’)
  • Paino 150kg (vene 75kg)
  • Henkilöluku 4
  • Nopeus 5 solmua
  • Mootori

    Harjaton, 12 V - 85lbs, Portaaton nopeussäädin

  • Akku

    200ah (2400Vh), 12V, Geeli, paino: noin 60kg

  • Aurinkopaneeli

    2 x 110 W Aurinkopaneeleilla pystyy kävelemään

  • Lataussäädin

    12V - 20Ah Näyttää lataustehon ja akun lataustilan

  • Vaihtoehtoja

    Aurinkopaneeli: 2 x 135W | Moottori: 24V/135lbs

  • Hinta alk. 4990€


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