Maintenance-free electric boats



  • Maintenance free and easy to use solar electrical boat
  • Environmentally friendly and maintenance-free electric boat
  • Operates entirely on solar power
  • The boat, built of high quality materials, is safe and durable·
  • Classic design combined with the latest technology
  • Powerful and quiet electric motor is suitable for both fishing and pleasure rides

Electric boat Greta is suitable for everyone

Elvene´s turn-key boat solution Greta makes electronic boating possible for everyone. The Greta is a maintenance-free and easy-to-use electric boat that is ideal for both pleasure rides and fishing.

The 470 cm long Greta is designed to remind users of the classic boat found in almost every summer cottage. However, unlike traditional motorboats, Greta represents a new generation of boat technology that is both environmentally and user-friendly.

The electric boat package includes everything you need.

Environmentally friendly electric boat

Greta is environmentally friendly and designed to move quietly in water with the least hydrodynamic drag. It is built with the best materials available to save weight and maximize strength.

Greta is also equipped with integrated floating tanks, which makes our product unsinkable.

All of these features make Greta environmentally friendly, economical and safe to use for all family members.

Maintenance free but efficient

Greta is powered by an efficient electric outboard motor. The engine has plenty of power to move a fully charged boat at speeds you wouldn’t expect from a small electric boat. The battery lasts all day in normal daily use and gets all its energy from the integrated solar panels.

The electric motor makes the boat very easy to use. Unlike a traditional gasoline-powered outboard that requires repeated maintenance, draining, or changing oils, the Greta’s engine is maintenance-free.

In the autumn, you can safely pull up the Greta electric boat and in the spring just push it back into the water after normal cleaning. Greta is the easiest way to get boating, and takes you comfortably to fishing and cruising with family and friends.

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  • Length 4,70 m
  • Beam 1,40 m
  • Weigth 150kg (vene 75kg)
  • Persons 3
  • Speed 5 knots
  • Motor

    Brushless 12 V - 85lbs

  • Battery

    200ah (2400Wh), 12V, GEL, weigth app. 60kg

  • Solar panels

    2 x 115 W The solar panels are walkable

  • Solar Charger controller

    12V - 20Ah Shows charging power and battery charge status

  • Price from 4990€

About Greta

Features of Greta

The Greta is a fully operational solar powered electric boat. It was designed from the start as an electric boat, unlike the old internal combustion boats, which were later converted to solar energy.

This means that Greta is optimized to utilize solar electricity. This is also the main reason why our boat has such superior performance.

Optimized design

One of the key features that allows Greta to perform well is its lightweight body. The whole boat with its engines, batteries and solar panels weighs only 150 kg.

Another key feature in Greta is its more than 2 m long front deck covered with solar panels, which allows the boat to run entirely on solar power. There is also plenty of dry cargo space under the front deck, which is not common for a boat of this size.

Durable solar panels

Solar panels are often considered fragile components that must be handled with care. This does not apply to Elvene solar panels used in Greta.

You can sit, walk or store stuff on top of the solar panels. They need no more care than a lid made of fiberglass. All you have to do is remember to clean the panels every now and then to be able to generate electricity efficiently.

Safe electric boat for the whole family

Safety has been taken into account in Greta throughout its design process. The weight of the boat is distributed in a way that makes it really stable. For example, you can safely stand on the front deck of the Greta, which is usually not possible on a boat of this size.

Greta also has a double bottom and float tanks that make it unsinkable. The boat will float even if you fill it with water. An automatic bilge pump is standard on the Greta, so the chances of the boat filling up are really low.

Greta is a very versatile electric boat, which is a great choice for a trip to the cottage island and back. At a distance of 20 nautical miles, you don’t have to worry about running out of power.

Greta is also a great partner for all fishermen. The boat’s quiet electric motor doesn’t scare the fish out of its way, but you can drive to the best fishing spots in peace.

Use this boat as a cabin boat, transport boat, fishing boat, sunbathing boat or pleasure boat. … Or the way you want it.

Elvene is the brainchild of two entrepreneurs, hailing from Jakobstad-Finland. We want to create a company that provides easy to use, affordable and environmentally sustainable boating solutions.

- Emil Finne, CEO and founder

Use this boat as a cabin boat, transport boat, fishing boat, sunbathing boat or pleasure boat. … Or the way you want it.


Key specs

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  • L.O.A 3.54 m (10,3')
  • Lenght (Hull) 4.50 m (9,3’)
  • Beam 4.50 m (9,3’)

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