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The story of Elvene

Promoting more comfortable boating

Elvene is the brainchild of two entrepreneurs who wanted to combine their different skill sets to create a company that provides easy to use, affordable and environmentally sustainable solutions for new on-water experiences.

With personal experience from very different industries, including fashion, food, physiotherapy and automotive, the one thing that both founders have in common is their love for the open waters.

Both born and raised on the west coast of Finland, in the small coastal town of Jakobstad, spending time on the sea and the local lake is second nature to these entrepreneurs. Still today, as family fathers living in different parts of the country, the annual fishing weekend is a sacred time, that will never be cancelled.

Long traditions in boat building

Pietarsaari is known internationally for both its old and new boat-building traditions. Wooden ships built hundreds of years ago on Pietarsaari orbited the earth, and even today the most prestigious sailboats of all time in the world are probably built on Pietarsaari.

When this boat-building heritage was in the blood of entrepreneurs, Elvene was founded to bring a new affordable and environmentally friendly dimension to boating.

It all started with the idea of ​​improving the performance and comfort of a fishing boat. How to fish in complete silence? A fishing boat that is so easy to maneuver that it can turn around its own axis and you can drive it in complete silence all day?

In addition to this, the solution should be affordable, making it available to both recreational enthusiasts and commercial fishermen and users.

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